Learning “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy” and “Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy”

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SPARSH “Self Enrichment and Research Centre”, Urja Counseling Clinic with “Rationally Yours” fortunate to announce an intensive training program of 4 modules in the month of February and March for CBT and REBT first time in Surat with the add on factor other than all the disorder covered in the CBT RECBT. We have introduced the module  for child and adolescent also.


About Rohan Pande:-

Rohan Pande is Founder and Director at “Rationally yours”. He is a psychotherapist, highly trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). He has received his advanced REBT certification from Albert Ellis Institute, New York , USA.

Rohan is also a clinical hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner & advanced life coach. He has conducted a number of life coaching workshops all over India for students, corporate and mental health professionals.

Rohan is also certified trainer from American TESOL Institute, USA. His area of expertise is therapy for chronic diseases, depression & suicide prevention. He is known for his in –depth knowledge of subject & simple methods of teaching.


About Yogita Chhablani Pande (Co-Founder, Psychotherapist, Image Consultant & Trainer) :-

Yogita Chhablani is head at satellite Centre, Pune of Morphicminds, an Affiliated Training Centre of Albert Ellis Institute, India. She has received her advance REBT certification from Albert Ellis Institute, New York. USA. Her area of expertise are anxiety, depression and weight management. Yogita has facilitated number of workshops on therapy training to mental health professionals. She also provides training to various schools and companies on life skills.

Yogita is also certified by image management Professional Association (IMPA) & Conselle Institute of Image Management, USA and SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority) for soft skills. Yogita is known for her approachability as a trainer and skills at trainer and therapy.


About SPARSH “Self Enrichment and Research Centre”

SPARSH is run by Dr.Murtuza Railwaywala and it is psycho diagnosis and therapy centre, which provides service of all types of psychological assessments, which includes all psychological tests and covers all area of counselling and therapy.

All Psychological Assessments for child and adults.

Therapies:- Child, adult, individual , group, parents ,carrier ,marital ,CBT, REBT, play therapy , Art therapy and Remedial therapy (education).

For more details visit www.sparshhuman.com


About “Rationally Yours”

Rationally yours is life coaching company committed to provide quality mental health services in india. Here, our highly skilled, certified & supervised therapist, use effective and globally acclaimed therapies which are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) for overall development of effective and globally acclaimed therapies which are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) for overall development of clients. 

For more information :-www.rationallyyours.com


Workshop details:

More than 60 hours of intensive training with theories and practical exposures. It is not a workshop, it’s a intensive training program. Total 4 modules in month of Feb (2 modules) and March (2 modules).

Partaker of the workshop will be trained in CBT and REBT with the special module for Child and adolescence. After this course one can do the practice of CBT and REBT.

Eligibility :-

Planned for professionals and practitioners who are working with the field of psychology.  M.A Graduates are also welcomed.


SPARSH “ Self Enrichment and Research Centre”

Dates:- Module duration 5 to 6 hours a day. Twice a month

              February 8th to 14th and 20th to 25th

              March 5th to 9th and 15th to 20th (tentative)

Time :- 9 to 1 pm approx

Fees includes.
Intensive Training, Observation, Supervision,  Kit with the material for the intensive training and Certificate.



Dr. Murtuza Railwaywala

SPARSH “ Self Enrichment and Research Centre”

9687600716, 7777925768, 9426830867, 9328015656


Bhavana Raja

“Urja Counseling Centre”



Please NOTE THAT :- Seats are limited and Fees once paid not refundable. Your seat will be only consider confirmed after we will receive the payment.  Oral commitment of confirmation will be for 24 hours only.



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