Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessments are tools used by psychologists and mental health professionals to gather information about an individual's cognitive abilities, personality traits, emotional functioning, and other psychological factors. Here are some common types of psychological assessments.

Intelligence Tests, Personality Tests, Neuropsychological Tests, Projective Tests, Behavioral Assessments, Diagnostic Interviews, development Assessments, Assessments of Specific disorders, substance abuse assessments , Achievements Tests, Educational Test, Aptitude tests, rating scales and many more…

Few common Names from the huge list of assessments are :-

WAIS, WISC,MISC,MMPI,MBTI, 16 PF, MoCA, Stroop test , Rorschach Inkblot Test, TAT, DAP, Sentence Completion Test , ABC analysis, BDI, HAM-A, SLD, ADOS and many more…

Counselling and Therapies

Telk therapy, individual counselling and therapy, group counselling and therapy, parent counselling, Marital counselling, career counselling, cognitive behaviour Therapy(CBT), Rational Emotive behavioural Therapy (REBT), Dance/Creative Movement therapy (C/DMT), play therapy, remedial therapy, art based therapy, behaviour modification therapy.

Workshops & Seminars

Psychological Assessments

We conduct workshop on psychological assessments which provide participants with an in-depth understanding of various assessment tools, their administration, interpretation, and ethical considerations. Here are some topics that might be covered in a workshop on psychological assessments. It includes from introduction to psychological assessment till case study and practice. Workshop on psychological assessments are conducted by qualified professionals only.

Internship Programme

SPARSH provides internship programme in the field of Psychology for undergraduate students, Graduates in Psychology, Masters in Psychology and also Professional Internship.

SPARSH also provides internship and training programme for Learning Disorder and Behaviour Modification Module for children . Graduate students/teachers/ parents/ psychological Practioners /counsellors / can be part of these trainings.

Time for all these above internships and training varies according to qualifications.

Counselling and Therapies

SPARSH conduct short term courses and long term courses workshop with different experts of different psycho therapies with the aim of having more therapist in society of mental health field.

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